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When the essence of American fashion meets the creator of Blue Steel

Fashion is a tough business; just ask the world’s most famous male model Derek Zoolander. After years of ruling the runways he and his BFF Hansel were off the grid and out of style when they recieved a fateful call from Interpol. The world’s most beautiful people were being assassinated and they had one thing in common — aside from being really, really ridiculously good-looking that is — in their final moments they each took selfies doing Blue Steel.

“I was going to call my most famous look Steel. Tommy suggested I call it Red, White and Blue Steel but that was like really, really long to remember.”
– Derek Zoolander

Derek and Hansel infiltrate the world they’d left behind and got some much needed help from their friends — Tommy, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Anna Wintour. See what they stir up on February 12 when Zoolander 2 opens worldwide.

Follow Derek @Zoolander. All images courtesy of ZOOLANDER 2 from Paramount Pictures by Wilson Webb.