How to wear it: Well suited

Rarely seen around the office in anything but an impeccably tailored suit, Tommy’s menswear buyer Chris Ginn is our team’s go-to guy for all things suiting. Here, Chris shares the rules for a superior fit and a few of his best styling tricks.


“Shopping for a suit is made simpler with these five simple rules.”

  • Shoulder seams end where your actual shoulder does.
  • Jacket sleeves end where your thumb begins.
  • The waist of a dress pant should rest at or around the navel.
  • Traditional trousers break at the base of the ankle.
  • Bunching anywhere – across the shoulders, the neck, sleeves, jacket closure, seat or ankle – signals you have on the wrong size.


“When you dress up, you show your respect for your host. This look is ideal for a holiday party or a wedding.”


“I prefer a long tie for everyday, but special occasions call for a bow tie and a crisp pocket square.”


“Sneakers are one of my favorite ways to tone down the seriousness of a suit. You can also swap your dress shirt and tie for a tee or lightweight hoodie.”

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