Holiday Wine Pairing

Jill Bernheimer of DomaineLA’s Shares her Foolproof Advice

The hero of any holiday meal, at least in our opinion, is the wine. So whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, an Italian Christmas Eve or Chinese New Year, what all of these meals share are earthy, salty sweet flavors that call for the ideal vintages that make them shine.

We turned to Jill Bernheimer, the proprietor of indie favorite wine boutique DomaineLA for her expert advice. First, consider your goal. “You can either pair wines to contrast with your holiday menu, like cutting fat and sweetness with a red wine that has a bit more acidity, or play up the richness of the meal with a riesling or robust chardonnay,” says Jill.

Tired of turkey? People often blame their holiday bird for putting them to sleep, when in fact high alcohol volume could be the culprit. Jill suggests looking for vintages with lower alcohol content, such as Northern Rhône reds or the new wave of more restrained California reds. Consider sparkling Spanish cava, which is earthier than Champagne but bright with fruit—a perfect opener to the holiday meal.

And while summer is long gone, it doesn’t mean you can’t think pink. “People think of rosé as a seasonal wine,” notes Jill. “But in fact, there’s almost no better wine to pair with a holiday feast than rosé. It has the body and structure of a red, but the flexibility of a white.”

Here are 11 of Jill’s favorite food-friendly wines to uncork with family and friends at your holiday table, or offer as the perfect host or hostess gift.


Broc Cellars LOVE rosé, $18, USA

Light in color, rich in texture with red fruit flavors.

Vin Sentier de Provence, $14, FRANCE

Fresh cranberry and strawberry notes.


2016 Mac Forbes riesling, $25, AUSTRALIA

A mouth-watering, aromatic white.

2013 I Clivi Ribolla, $23, ITALY

A pure, mineral-driven white.

2014 Matthiasson “Linda Vista” chardonnay, $25, USA

Rich with notes of apple, stone fruit, and honey.


2014 The Fableist cabernet sauvignon, $20, USA

Lush flavors of blueberry, cherry and spice.

2015 Lyut Pipeno Coronel De Maule, 1L, $16, CHILE

Juicy notes of blackberry and spice.

2013 Julien Sunier Fleurie, $32, FRANCE

Beautiful food wine with plum, mineral and spicy flavors.

2012 Red Car pinot noir, $40, USA

A medium-bodied red with red cherry and earthy flavors.


50 N Sekt Trokken rosé, $16, GERMANY

Strawberry and lemon zest balanced with earthy notes.

Pere Mata cava, $22, SPAIN

Outstanding texture with apple and mineral notes.


All images courtesy of DomaineLA located at 6801 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, CA.
You can follow Jill and her team at @DomaineLA