Every single thing you need to know
about your drawers

Underwear, though seldom seen (during daylight hours), is one of the most important pieces of clothing a guy can buy. It supports, it impresses, and depending on the weather, it can keep you cool. As we gear up to debut our new TH FLEX COLLECTION with our global brand ambassador, tennis ace Rafael Nadal, we dispel the mystery of what's up underneath your pants.


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How do you know
which one is for you?

Actual underwear expert and man behind Michael Kleinman says every man should try a few different styles of underwear on to see if there's a style they like more than what they currently wear. His advice: get out there, play the field, and find out what you want to get into.

Of course, your everyday pair may not work for those occasions where you need to step up your wardrobe. Wearing a suit or a particular kind of pant, for example, may call for a switch. "There are situations where it makes more sense to wear a certain style, like wearing low‐rise underwear under your low-rise jeans or choosing a boxer brief over a boxer under slim-fit pants," says Kleinman. The good news is there's plenty of options out there to suit whatever you've got planned.

"There are so many innovations in fabric,
and different cuts that help a guy feel comfortable
and confident in varied situations"

Technology and modern design are game changers these days. "There are so many innovations in fabric, and different cuts that help a guy feel comfortable and confident in varied situations," notes Kleinman. Most activities also have specific underwear styles that work best for them. Some reduce chafing, help keep you dry, or simply protect the goods from anything uncomfortable happening.

In the heat, it's important to pay attention to your drawers and when it comes to material, Kleinman has two words ‐‐ something breathable. Moisture wicking fabrics and details such as mesh panels are great options in this situation.

Bottom line: when it comes to something that's so close to your — you know — it's your call. Get out there, see what works for you and stay breezy.