On the eve of our new Paris store opening, Teen Vogue’s fashion director Marina Larroudé recalls her most special memories of the City of Light.

My first time in Paris was…
The summer I turned 11, or maybe I was 12. My mother had wanted to study French, so we went for a month. She would go to class in the mornings and I would stay at the hotel, then walk to the school to pick her up at lunchtime. By myself! That sounds crazy to me now, but I remember feeling very grown up. We would wander around the city for hours and hours, just browsing in the shops, visiting museums, and enjoying crepes from the street vendors. It was such a wonderful time.

My favorite places are…
Nowadays, I go for the shows. Sometimes my husband will join me and we’ll do the same sort of things. I honestly don’t have a favorite place. When you’re in Paris it’s all about the bread, the wine, and of course the crepes.

I’ll make new memories with…
My daughter Gloria. She’s learning a little French history in preschool so she’s begun asking if she can come along. She’ll love the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. I’m looking forward to sharing that with her.

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Marina is wearing Hilfiger Collection’s striped knit sweater dress.
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Photographed by Jeff Bark.