Pre-orders are advanced purchases made on merchandise scheduled to ship at a future date. The Pre-order service offered by is a great way to guarantee your product won't be sold-out by the time actual merchandise launches on and retail stores. Only select items are available for pre-order.

The following conditions apply for pre-orders:


We aim to ship pre-ordered products on the official launch date, provided that we have received and processed your payment. Standard delivery timelines (estimates 2 to 7 business days) will apply from the moment the pre-order item is shipped from our warehouse.


We are unable to process your order until we receive payment. We ask that you make sure you have sufficient funds available on your chosen payment method for the pre-order duration. If you paid by credit card and your payment is declined we are unable to guarantee that the items you pre-ordered will be delivered, as we will have to re-process your order and there may be limited availability of the items.

Separate Shipping

Pre-ordered items are shipped separately. They will not be sent with any other items you might have ordered. If pre-orders are placed at the same time as regular orders, your online order status and shipping confirmation emails will include the pre-order. We will send you a separate shipping confirmation email when your pre-ordered item is shipped.

Product Launch date

You can find the official launch date for your pre-order on the product description page on the website.