A 'pop life' painted interpretation of the Tommy Hilfiger flag by contemporary artist Jeremy Wolff.

Pop art – it’s been a visual commentator on culture, politics and people since the 1950s, and also happens to be one of Tommy’s personal favorite styles. There’s Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans, Lichtenstein’s comic-strip vixens, or more recently a wall on New York’s Lower East Side depicting Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour with Día de los Muertos-style skull faces. But what happens when the canvas becomes something you wear? Enter JEREMY WOLFF, the New York-based artist whose images of iconic pop culture with his exuberant and bright-styled backgrounds have earned him street cred since he quit his day job in 2014 to pursue art full-time. We invited him to our annual summer outing at Manhattan’s La Marina to customize tote bags for our employees with his unique aesthetic. Let’s just say he made a splash.

“I like to combine three styles of art: an urban spray paint street art feel, classic oil realism and acrylic pop art cartoons.”
– Jeremy Wolff

Art photos courtesy of Jeremy Wolff. Event photos by Ryan Kelly