My Style: One vest four cities

We gave Michael Carl, the fashion market director of Vanity Fair and self-proclaimed bagel-hating host of Carl’s Crush on, one of our favorite pieces from the October collection, the DOWN PUFFER VEST. His mission: incorporate said vest into his traditionally casual look in New York, London, Milan and Paris as he attended the spring 2016 runway shows.

Here’s what happened.

New York

"The average temp during
New York Fashion Week was
85 degrees. The vest never left
my office. But one day I was
feeling super gangster and
walked down the halls of Vanity
Fair giving people big ups."


"London was a little chillier, plus I stayed in this adorable hotel that had a fireplace and an "honor" bar in my room – insert winking emoji here. I wore my vest to keep away the night chills and had a proper British lady snap my pic in front of someplace London-ey."


“By the time I reached Milan I’d seen many a fashion sin, and committed a few real life ones of my own. I took a selfie on my hotel balcony before my annual pilgrimage to the legendary Duomo di Milano cathedral to ask for penance. The vest and glasses helped keep me incognito.”


"Paris always delivers – great shows and in my case, cold weather. The vest quickly became my everyday piece here. I asked my driver to pull over to get this shot and couldn’t tell if he was amused or annoyed."


"As I prepared to head home after the month long trip, my suitcases were stuffed. I can report there is a very handsome French hotel concierge who is warm and delighted in his Tommy Hilfiger puffer vest. Now when I go back to Paris, I can borrow my vest and undoubtedly get into Caviar Kaspia (the impossibly chic restaurant favored by Jay Z, Beyoncé and the fashion set) without a moment of hesitation.”

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Photos courtesy of Michael Carl.