Chalk Kitchen

A step-by-step guide to creating holiday Easter eggs using indigo dye

Take a look back to yesteryear, where the kitchen table is covered in newspaper, fingers are messy with dye, and the room is filled with children’s laughter. There’s nothing like a holiday project to bring a family together so get a little messy with our favorite spring hue—blue.

You’ll Need


either hard boiled or blown out if you want them to last longer

Rubber bands


electrical or florist tape works best

Indigo tie-dye kit

5-gallon bucket


Rubber gloves

Stir stick

Step 1 - prepare the dye bath

Follow the kit directions. We recommend sturdy kitchen gloves for stain-free hands.

Step 2 - assemble the eggs

While the dye is setting (15-30 minutes), wrap the eggs with rubber bands or use tape to create shapes and letters.

Step 3 - dying

Dip the eggs into the dye with gloves on. The longer you leave them, the richer the color. Re-dip them for darker shades or just submerge part of the egg to create an ombre’ effect. They will come out looking green and as the oxygen hits the dye, it will turn blue. Set them aside to dry.

Step 4 - drying

Give the eggs time to fully dry and the color to deepen. Peel off the tape and remove the rubber bands.

Photos and tutorial by Hello Natural for Tommy Blog