With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, it seemed the perfect opportunity for a moment of reflection, and a chance to acknowledge the joy of giving back. We asked Tommy and some very special friends, “What are you thankful for?” Here’s what they said:

“My family. They are at the heart of everything I do, which is why
together we champion the great work of

–Tommy Hilfiger

“This year I am thankful to be able to provide food for my two sons and
husband on a daily basis. There are many who struggle to get a good meal
on the table so the support offered by organizations such as
, not only during Thanksgiving but all year round, ensures no
one gets left behind hungry.”

–Karolina Kurkova, supermodel-mom

“That we are, as a culture, appreciating women more and questioning the
patriarchy, which is why I support

–Alan Cumming, actor and activist

“I am thankful for the opportunity to provide my community with
opportunities for youth to develop and explore their minds. Though the
VICTOR CRUZ FOUNDATION, I am able to provide experiences not just
during the holidays, but year-round with educational programs.”

–Victor Cruz, New York Giant and children’s advocate

“I am thankful for the health and safety of my friends and family, and the
work of the
USA SWIMMING FOUNDATIONwho save lives and build
champions in the pool and in life.”

–Nathan Adrian, Olympic gold medal winning swimmer

“With everything going on in our country right now, I have never been
so thankful for my rights as a woman and what that means for my own
future as well as my fellow females. I urge people to support
and the vital care they offer women and families.”

–Hannah Bronfman, Founder of HBFIT, DJ and beauty expert

“I’m incredibly thankful for organizations like CLIMATE REALITYthat
not only rally strangers together as selfless champions for good, but also
act as ambassadors for the environment and advocate [the idea] that
regardless of our personal differences, we’re all on this big rock together.”

­–Jonathan Scott, Property Brothers host, author and entrepreneur

“I’ve have been blessed with a strong family and a great education, but
not everyone is dealt those same cards. The app
DEEDmakes it super
easy to volunteer, give back to your community and spread the love.”

­–Brendan Fallis, DJ and entrepreneur

“I am thankful that we live in a country where our voices matter. That we
have the freedom to speak out against injustices and to celebrate openly
the things and people we love. To know that every voice can make a
difference makes our time a great time to be alive.”

­–Drew Scott, Property Brothers host, author and entrepreneur

Photo courtesy of DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN