To celebrate the arrival of our new Hilfiger Denim and Tommy Jeans capsule collections, we teamed up with Wilhelmina to get the scoop on how real people wear our clothes in real life. Forget the fancy shoot and supermodel poses; just a rack of clothes, our photographer Nick (he’s really good at dodging traffic BTW), and New York’s Little Italy neighborhood. In the third and final installment of our three-part series, watch what happened.

The creation of the Hilfiger Denim art walls was made possible by THE L.I.S.A. PROJECT NYC, a non-profit organization that brings together a diverse group of street artists in Little Italy to create Manhattan’s first and only mural district. Renowned artist JOHN “CRASH” MATOS along with REY “THE DRiF” ROSA JR. and ZROPRO created our walls. They are available to view at 114 Mulberry Street.

Directed and photographed for Tommy Hilfiger by NICOLAS PADRON; cinematographer: Juan Antonio; models: Jonathan Bellini, Maggie Mizner, Lula Kenfe and Matt Hitt at Wilhelmina; hair and makeup by Chris Newburg; produced by Wilhelmina Creative Services; styled by Samantha Rubin; video and photo assistant: Omare Hayes; music by Garrison Black.