Swimming phenom Nathan Adrian is Tommy’s newest mens ambassador.

Wake up time?

5 a.m. when we have morning practices, 7:30 a.m. other days.

First thing you do in the morning?

Eat. Well, probably check Instagram just to put off getting up for a minute. [laughs]

Favorite workout besides swimming?

I like yoga because it’s a mental workout in learning how to relax.

A good day is?

Spent with friends and family.

Books or music?

Music. I think it’s interesting how music can enhance your mood or even totally change it. I say it somewhat jokingly, but sometimes swag levels are low and you just have to throw on some rap or hip-hop. That’s one of the ways I get ready for practice. Other times, when I want to mellow out and be more chill, I go straight for alternative or summer hits of the ‘90s on Pandora®

Most surprising thing we would find in your carry-on bag?

Beef jerky.

Pet peeve?

Snoring. We tend to have to have a lot of roommates so it’s a thing.

What’s your go-to look?

Pretty classic. Most days I’ll wear jeans. I like Tommy’s STRAIGHT FIT DEEP BLUE JEAN and button-ups like the NEW YORK FIT SUPER LIGHT SHIRT with a CLASSIC V-NECK SWEATER. For shoes, I love TAILORED CHELSEA BOOTS or CANVAS & SUEDE DECK SHOES. For events it's all about a navy suit.

Your greatest mentor?

I’ve been blessed by a lot of really good ones through the years. Aside from my dad, Gary Hall Jr. comes to mind. He’s a [10-time Olympic gold medal winning] swimmer who was diagnosed with diabetes when he was a teenager and told that he would never swim competitively again. He proved everybody wrong and through his Gary Hall Jr. Foundation has done an enormous amount of good. Funny side note: his foundation has an 800 number to call if you ever need help and most times it’s Gary on the other side of the telephone.

Success and failure is?

Success is making yourself better in some way. Failure is not trying.

Follow Nathan on INSTAGRAM and experience his Olympic journey on his WEBSITE.

Photographed for the Tommy Blog by PATRICK FRASER; grooming by TAMARA BROWN; and tailoring by PATTY LACAVA.

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